Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twisted Fairytales

A year ago, I made these paintings in oil that are alternate story lines and endings of fairy tales and fables. I didn't like the end products, but I still loved the idea. So this is the whole process that I'm going through from the sketch illustrations until the finished paintings. Although I'm still debating on the media in paintings, but I'm planning on trying to illustrate in watercolor and gouache, then I'll paint in oil. I'll decide later which media I would like to paint in later.
Little Red Riding Hood - Little Wolf Hood
Rapunzel let down your hair - Rapunzel String Up Your Hair
Little Mermaid - Little Siren
Goldilocks - These Bears are Just Right
The Princess and the Pea - She choked on a pea so she must be a princess.

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