Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Character Design - Kiri

This is Kiri. I came up with her during the first couple of times of going to the Texas Renaissance Faire. I came across one of the stores selling a "Juliette" gown that was light purple and also saw a booth that sold horns. An idea came into my head about a slave unicorn. I wanted to get the outfit together because my friend had a barbarian outfit and I wanted her to act as the captor.

All the outfit ideas I was going through transformed her into a character. I didn't come up with her name until recently, Kiri. Kiri in my mind is a "The Last Unicorn" type of unicorn only in the way that she looks like a pale human with a unicorn horn, tail, and hooves.

She's capture from her homeland by a barbarian capture (the beginnings of his character sketch is next to her on the bottom sketch). She's held in a cell to be sold off as a slave. She finds a little baby dragon abandoned and takes care of him. (Her background history is still being decided.)

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