Thursday, April 12, 2012

Character Designs - Banshee Story

I recently started a new story this semester. I was inspired from reading many strong female lead books like The Mercy Thompson series, skin walkers, and Stray, werecats. This story is about banshees.
The main character is Emer, a banshee warrior. She's not very strong, but she's fast and her voice is haunting and enchanting. She goes to college and is in her fifth year majoring in journalism. She had to repeat classes because she was always called back home for a job.
Her roommate, Jessica, is her best friend and the only person that knows about her family secret. She helps on jobs from time to time.
Her only brother and sibling, Conall, is five years older than her and they're pretty close. He's also a banshee, but he's more of a warrior. His voice is enchanting, but not as much as his sister's.
Conall and Emer have nicknames to fit in more. Conall is called Conner in public and Emer is called Emma.

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