Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

So I've good news, bad news, and ugly news. The good news I have been drawing and I've even started up my collaboration comic, Bloodline, with my friend Bianca. We've been working on the plot, which needs more depth, and sketching the characters, which are coming along nicely now that they are redrawn. I've been sketching mainly their looks, but I've sketched some scenes from the comic too.I've also decided that the book I was trying to write (for forever!) is now going to be a comic. Touched by Fate was an ongoing story I keep revamping over and over since middle school. I tried writing the story in high school and never finished the first book. Well silly me keeps thinking of if I ever did finish it and it became famous and they wanted to turn it into a movie (yeah, I like to dream). I was thinking I would want it an animation movie, because I would wanna help draw the characters and such. Well I figured, why not just make it into a comic? So yeah, I'm redesigning the plot and characters for that story so that I can turn it into a comic.

The bad news is that I have no scanner to scan the drawings that I've done. No scanner to show ya'll all the lovely drawings I've been doing!

The ugly news is that I don't even have a good enough camera (and photoshop) to even take bad pictures of my drawings. All I have in my camera phone and you can't see my pencil drawings with it. So that stinks. :(

So yes, I have been drawing my friends and I'm sorry I can't even show you my art right now. If I can get a relatively good picture of any, I will definitely post it. Until then though! I'm sorry! D:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

After Much Delay

After much delay, I am back! In all honesty, I have been drawing at least, but a ton of things have happened. I lost my sketchbook, my phone doesn't work so I can't upload photos, I got injured, etc. I did a commissioned painting of my friend and her fiance for their wedding, but all my photos are on my phone so I can't upload them to the blog. Blah, blah, blah, anyways enough with the excuses! Due to being inspired by a friend, I've dove back into painting with acrylics! I finished one painting out of three and it was small and simple, but at least I got something something done. It's of a little kitty.
So hopefully I can get other photos of the paintings I'm working on and start being commissioned again and selling these paintings. One can dream can't she? Til Later!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Since moving from college, a lot of boxes are still unpacked. As such, I have no idea where my sketchbooks are. So I haven't drawn in a while. I am working on a painting though so I hope to post pictures of it up soon.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sketchbook Doodles

A sketchbook doodle of a little girl. I was trying to do in pencil, but I got annoyed and drew it in a thin pen.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Artist Statement

I start with an image. Sometimes it's a singular image, sometimes it's an image in my mind, sometimes it's a collage, etc. Sometimes, most of the time, my ideas for a painting are sketched in my sketchbook. From there I figure out what needs to be fixed. I always try to use a reference. My paintings are more successful with a base drawing from a reference. Sometimes, the idea is only written down. When I paint, I have to force myself to work on a background first. When all I want to do is obsess over the figure. When I paint, the image evolves. It's why I work with oil paints. I love the continuous work I can do with my hands. I love color. It's bright and cherry with a fantastical image like the horse woman painting I did. I know a painting I'm working on is finished when I can't force myself to change it anymore because I'm scared of loosing what I have already done.

I like to be involved. I like to be creative. I love color. I love the unreal and all the time I am questioning myself as a woman and as a person. I play with the ideas of what I think I am, scared to be, and society's view of myself. Evil, guilt, power, powerlessness, sexuality, sensuality, barbie-doll figure, looks, etc.

Friday, April 27, 2012

What is art?

Yesterday, on April 26, 2012, I had to turn in an art piece for my drawing class. After several years with this professor who I continually butt heads with, I decided to work on continuous storyboards because they were fun and I could put them in my portfolio. Below is the piece I turned in for critique, the storyboard for The Princess and The Pea.

When my piece was ready for critique, my teacher claimed it could not be critiqued because it was an illustration and a part of a different industry and thus WAS NOT CONSIDERED ART. I've butt heads with this teacher so much that I've learned not to care what he says. Although, another classmate that liked my art and did, in fact, do comics of her own, argued with the teacher and another classmate that the piece was indeed art. So thus there was a huge discussion why it wasn't art. Honestly, I didn't pay attention because I created something that I love and I consider my art more than a hobby. Although, I am greatly confused on where to go from here (since I graduate in a week and haven't gotten a job offer). I've considered concept art, story boarding, comic art, and even being a part of a gallery. I don't know where I want to go. If I am represented by a gallery I will always draw sketches of my characters in my sketchbook and if I go into a concept art, story-boarding, or comic art, I will still make paintings. Why? Because I love it all and to me it is all art, just different forms of art. (We also critiqued a guy who said that his art is what he liked and what he created and he didn't have deep meanings behind it. He just did it because he could and he loved it. My professor told him it was okay and people actually wouldn't question him if he said that. In my opinion that is false. In today's day and age, artists have to have meaning behind there art. I honestly never had meaning behind my art. I get an idea and I go through the process of making the piece and always get flack for it later on. It's just how the art world is. You need to know the art world to appease the art school, but keep yourself at the same time.) Every person has a different view of art. In my opinion, a person who doesn't study in art will lean towards more naturalistic art. An art critic will lean towards "modern" art or art that makes a breakthrough. An artist always leans to several kinds of art as a source of inspiration. An art collector leans towards art that they "like" (or in my opinion art that is greatly put on a pedestal by art critics). To some I am an artist. To some I am not. Some say that I must have art in a gallery to be an artist, others say I'm an artist when I call myself an artist, and still others say I'm an artist when I sell my art. Honestly? Everyone is going to have a different opinion. No one really knows what art is. They just know what they like. I know what I like. Yes, I could have gone to an art school that specialized in animation, but I took a chance at oils an dfell in love with it. I look back on my schooling and do not regret anything. Yes, now I'm at a loss because I don't know where to go on in life. I don't know where to go from here. All I know is that I love art. I love looking at it, creating it, and talking about it. Yes, I don't know the high art mind with the big words and criticizing view, but my art is me. It is how I express myself and it is what I do. I don't know how else to explain myself. What do you think art is?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twisted Fairytales

A year ago, I made these paintings in oil that are alternate story lines and endings of fairy tales and fables. I didn't like the end products, but I still loved the idea. So this is the whole process that I'm going through from the sketch illustrations until the finished paintings. Although I'm still debating on the media in paintings, but I'm planning on trying to illustrate in watercolor and gouache, then I'll paint in oil. I'll decide later which media I would like to paint in later.
Little Red Riding Hood - Little Wolf Hood
Rapunzel let down your hair - Rapunzel String Up Your Hair
Little Mermaid - Little Siren
Goldilocks - These Bears are Just Right
The Princess and the Pea - She choked on a pea so she must be a princess.