Monday, May 7, 2012

Sketchbook Doodles

A sketchbook doodle of a little girl. I was trying to do in pencil, but I got annoyed and drew it in a thin pen.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Artist Statement

I start with an image. Sometimes it's a singular image, sometimes it's an image in my mind, sometimes it's a collage, etc. Sometimes, most of the time, my ideas for a painting are sketched in my sketchbook. From there I figure out what needs to be fixed. I always try to use a reference. My paintings are more successful with a base drawing from a reference. Sometimes, the idea is only written down. When I paint, I have to force myself to work on a background first. When all I want to do is obsess over the figure. When I paint, the image evolves. It's why I work with oil paints. I love the continuous work I can do with my hands. I love color. It's bright and cherry with a fantastical image like the horse woman painting I did. I know a painting I'm working on is finished when I can't force myself to change it anymore because I'm scared of loosing what I have already done.

I like to be involved. I like to be creative. I love color. I love the unreal and all the time I am questioning myself as a woman and as a person. I play with the ideas of what I think I am, scared to be, and society's view of myself. Evil, guilt, power, powerlessness, sexuality, sensuality, barbie-doll figure, looks, etc.