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Sketchbook Drawings from Fall 2011

These are drawings done in my sketchbook during the fall of 2011. It's mostly of dogs and collages. I'll post the collages later. I do really love the "beauty" pen drawing though. And the dogs were done immediately in sharpie to loosen up and learn the drawing shape of the dog.

393 Comic

Some comic pages I did in 2009-2010. The order goes from top right, bottom right, to bottom left. There is also a character design of Fanny.

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2009 - 2011 Chracter Design Sketches from "Touched by Fate"

Touched by Fate is a story/book I came up with in high school. I started to write it and got up to ten chapters before I stopped before college. I never actually drew the characters until college.
It's a fantasy/supernatural book with vampires, demons, fairies, angels, werewolves, etc. I never continued writing because I didn't like the feel of the storyline anymore, but didn't know how to change it. One of the problems I came along was the main character, Camille. She became the "mix breed", the one and only of her kind. Long story short her family line was mixed so much that all the creature lines exploded in her and made her the most powerful creature in the world. Thing was, she was too powerful. I can't have her all bloody and beaten from a lost battle if she's too powerful. So most of the sketches here of her and of other characters in the story. I don't know if I'll actually pick up the story again and rewrite it or not.

So the drawing above is an outline of a costume design for Camille. It's her fae robes that she wears for meetings. The drawing below is a quick storyboard of her meeting with the human president of the U.S.

This drawing is of Camille and Skyler. Skyler is one of her friends from cross country and he's a grade above her. He treats her like his little sister and throughout the book the revert into Spanish to talk to each other and call each other brother and sister and when they introduce themselves.

Camille in a fighting stance with a katana and in one of her weird outfits. She frequents in weird outfits, outfits depending on her mood for the day. Usually I have her fighting with twin daggers/swords.

Above are sketches with the idea of some of the characters in mind.
Above are sketches of Camille's friends. Camille gets turned into the "mix breed" by an ancient passing down power since no mix breed can live on long enough to carry on their mission (although Camille is the only one that actually tries to carry on the mission). These friends decide to help her and take on powers from Camille and that make them into creatures. Hikaru (bottom left) is her exchange friend from Japan. They were in cross country together but arrives at the end of the book, accepting Camille for who she is. Hikaru takes on the form of a Wind Demon. Rick (bottom right) is also a friend from cross country and the same grade level as Skyler. He hits on any female with two legs and always gets shot down. He takes on the form of an Earth Giant. Skyler (top right) was mentioned above. He takes on the form of a Water Siren. Kirsten Edwards (top left) is Camille's best friend. They are like twins they are so close. Kirsten like sto mention how she is Yang (the good luck, good, light, etc) and Camille is Yin (the bad luck, bad, dark, etc.) and together they cancel each other out. She takes on three forms, three to be opposite Camille's three forms. Kirsten is Angel, Elf, then Veela in ascending order of strength and power. (whereas Camille is Demon, Vampire, then Werewolf in similar order).
A quick sketch of Kirsten and an angel wing.

Book cover ideas

More book cover ideas. The reason for keeping Camille hidden is because she's the first female mix breed. She also ends up being the most powerful and almost immortal. No one knows she's the mix breed so she has to keep her identity a secret, like a super hero. (Needless to say, Camille gets tired of this and reveals who she is at the end of the book. There are suppose to be several books in this series).

2009-2011 Bloodline Design

These were a few sketches I had done from 2009-2011 as continuing character desing for the Bloodline comic. Mainly I worked on Rhodes and tried to sketch out a simple possible cover.

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