Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2008 Design Sketches for Bloodline

Bloodline is a comic my friend Bianca and I thought up during my last year of high school. It was about a half vampire that I designed, named Rhodes, and one of the oldest vampires she designed, named Seldom. The short and sweet gist of the comic is Rhodes starts to turn and she runs away and gets hit by Seldom's car. Seldom takes her in, all the while battling vampires trying to take her and werewolves, with their natural anger towards vampires. Rhodes falls in love with a werewolf named Stryde and Seldom loves a human man. I forgot the name of the man, but these were the sketches done for the comic in 2008.

Sketches of Rhodes

Seldom visiting her man while he slept.
Comic design cover for Bloodline

Sketches of Rhodes
Sketches of Stryde
Sketches of Seldom

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